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Virtual Aligner Program

We've got some exciting news! We have updated the name of our practice to include "Aligner Center", and we couldn't be more excited. In conjunction, we are also launching virtual aligner services. 

Busy teen and adult schedules, along with COVID-19 have created a “New Normal”. Our office now offers a new, unique teledentistry solution that is 100% overseen by Dr. Whateley and allows you to have clear aligner treatment from the comfort of your home, while remaining completely under our supervision through remote check-ins and monitoring via our high-tech remote platform. With our patients’ health and safety as a top priority, this will enable you to still achieve that beautiful smile you have always wanted, with limited physical contact and office visits. With this new treatment option, treatment can be completed in as few as three visits. With our remote monitoring tools, we can keep close watch of your aligner progress and make sure your treatment stays on track. Our goal is to help you achieve the smile you deserve, while keeping you safe from unnecessary exposure.

To get started, simply text or call us to provide us with your contact information and we’ll get you scheduled for a scan to set up your customized treatment plan.  You will even be able to view your possible results prior to starting treatment!

Once you commit, your aligners will be ready in about 2-3 weeks.  You will be fitted with the first set and any other auxiliary treatment, including engagers and interproximal reduction. Remote monitoring tools will also be provided that allow us to monitor your treatment progress. That’s it! As your treatment progresses, we will stay in touch directly through our remote monitoring application for constant communication and making sure everything stays on track!

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